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New spearhead Stromer ST5 – The powerhouse among the S-Pedelecs An absolutely clean handlebar without a single visible cable, powerful Stromer brakes and a Sport mode that provides even more power at the push of a button: The new Stromer ST5 is positioned at the starting line. Thanks to the frame geometry attuned to the 27.5” wheels and the high-performance Cycl-e tires developed exclusively with Pirelli, the powerhouse combines talent from motorsports with a comfortable, safe riding behavior. With impressive grip and confident smoothness, the new top model provides effortless assistance up to 45 km/h - and does so with a range of up to 180 km. The heart of the ST5 is the optimized cloud-based Stromer OMNI connect system with many features and a color display that renders bike and rider inseparable. The cherry on the top of this premium S-Pedelec is the battery, which for the first time can be ejected electronically using the touch screen without a key. The overall concept of the ST5 defines the current state of the art and its sporty dynamic is virtually unbeatable while speeding along to your next appointment.

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